Disease begins

Disease begins Parainfluenza virus feature is its tendency to defeat the mucosa of the larynx, which leads to the syndrome of stenotic laryngitis (croup).

Toxic manifestations of parainfluenza less pronounced than the flu.

The clinical picture The incubation period parainfluenza from 2 to 7 days.

Disease begins acutely and is characterized by moderately severe intoxication symptoms: loss of appetite, sleep disturbances, increased body temperature to subfebrile, weakness.

From the first days of the disease marked catarrhal conditions of the upper respiratory tract: nasal congestion, runny nose small, and the first release mucus and then slizistognoynye, sore throat, mild redness and swelling of the throat.

Purulent exudate is sometimes found in the lacunae of tonsils - syndrome faringotonzilita.

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In healthy children, the pulse

In healthy children, the pulse When determining it is counted by the pulse wave for 30 sec.

and then multiplying the result by 2.

At the wrong rhythm counting pulse rate is carried out for a full minute.

In healthy children, the pulse frequency ranges from 120 to 140 beats per 1 minute.

With an increase in heart rate above 140 beats per 1 minute (tachycardia), which is observed in various physiological and pathological states (emotional and physical stress, fever, etc.

), and a correspondingly increased pulse rate, which in these cases, the part name.

With a decrease in heart rate below 120 beats per 1 minute (bradycardia) pulse becomes rare (bradisfigmiya).

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Table placed below

Table placed below In 1990, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences released a weight.

The recommendations considered normal weight gain 7-20 kg, depending on the weight, which was in w omen before pregnancy.

Very thin women should aim for a lower mark these indicators.

In a recent report, scientists have confirmed that the figures recommended weight gain is directly related to the most positive consequences for m and losses and for the child.

Unfortunately, only 30-40% of women in those countries where the studies were conducted consistent with the recommended standards, the rest were recruited either too little or too much weight.

Table placed below contains the most Optim Alno indicators recruitment weight gain during pregnancy.

Recommendations in this table will help you reduce the risk of problems such as premature birth, fetal immaturity, cesarean section and saving the excess weight after pregnancy.

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Flag Polo live

Flag Polo live Bend your knees and under the shift box from one hand to the other .

"Hold the box" Sit on the floor, legs bent and his hands behind.

Flag Polo live on the floor in front of his feet.

Grab the fingers of both legs, to rise above the floor and try to keep it in this position.

"Turns with flags" Stand up straight, feet apart, hands with flags lowered.

Turn to the side smiling, raising his arms with flags ahead.

"Put the box back" Sit on the floor, legs cross-legged in his hand to keep the box.

Turn around and put the box back.

Sit up straight.

Then turn around and take the box.

Repeat to the other side.

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It is now widely

It is now widely It is now widely used classification stages of childhood NP Gundobin.


Prenatal period: a) phase of embryonic development (II-III months); b) phase of placental development (with III months before birth).


extrauterine period: n e r and d tio n o f p o n d e n o s t and (d about 3 - 4 n e d e l s); n e r and d g r a n y o d o in o r a s s t a (3 - 4 n e e d o m m e of 12 with i ts in e); p r e d d o w to about l n s d (s t a r w and y I o m e n s y) n e r and d (about 1 g t o e a d o l e t 3); d o w to about l s n th n e r and d (3 g of 6 l e t); m and l d w and d w to about l n s p e n d and d (7 d of 11 ye a rs); s t a r d w and w to about l n s p e n d and d (12 d of 17-18 l e t).

Utero Prenatal period lasts from the moment of conception to birth to an average of 280 days (10 lunar months), starting from the first day due to the last menstrual cycle in women.

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